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Developing Raw Land
​Developing Raw landQuestions you need to answer in developing raw land.Planning/ZoningWhat is the zone? Is your use allowed?AccessWhat are the[...]
Project Roles and Responsibilities
PROJECT ROLES + RESPONSIBILITIES Project Administration Client Meetings (how many?) Zoning Research Code Analysis Site Inspection & Documentation
Fireproofing your home
Fireproofing is a big and multi-faceted subjectCan we even make a house fully fireproof? Not completely.We can make it so[...]
What Services do you need?
Architects Do Many Things What Services Do You Need?Do you need help with early design concepts? Do you just need help[...]
Passive Heating & Air Conditioning
​Passive Heating & Air ConditioningWe all know that the sun's rays heat things up.We know heat rises.When you are designing[...]