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Residential Projects
Residential Projects

Topanga Finest



Over the years, we’ve designed and built many contemporary and traditional new houses, remodels and extensions. While every project responds differently to the individual site and client’s aspirations, all our designs are inspired by our passion for creating modern, elegant, energy-efficient architecture for easy 21st century living.

When economic times are tough and house prices are high, many homeowners choose to improve, extend and/or alter their existing home, rather than move. Equally, house purchasers may find and want to buy a house in a great location then remodel it to suit their specific needs.

Either way, although single or multi-story house extensions and the alterations they involve typically mean quite a lot of upheaval, well-designed or properly managed, they can be the most cost-effective way to get the home you want. Involving an architect will give you the best chance of getting a house that suits your current and future needs.


Little Las Flores

This was anew development on a new road, site work, well, septic and utilities. The house is built with dual cell insulated cinderblocks. These have special designed colors, textures and layout, have a high thermal mass for passive heating and cooling as well as being fireproof.


Lamar Hollywood Hills

This was a very extensive remodel of an existing house on a small lot. You’ll see a full transformation from the old unappealing exterior to a new, but traditionally designed house.


Carla Ridge

This was an extensive remodel of an existing house in the Trousdale Estate area of Beverly Hills. We cleaned up and spiced up an uninspiring exterior and interior. This updated and brought the house significantly up market.


Clifton Way

This was a spec house for a developer on a small lot in Beverly Hills. In order to maximize the small lot and create interest the undulating exterior breaks up the planes of the structure and allow a more traditional look and feel

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