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SERVICES we offer



Experienced help to understand and organize the parts of an architectural project. We have the ability and design talent to organize design solutions that can help clients gain a place that is more enjoyable, takes advantage of the natural aspects of the environment, and uses the natural properties of the construction materials in ways that make the home or business more efficient, practical and environmentally sound. Click here to find an in-depth exploration of what architectural services can provide​ ​and a checklist you can use to narrow down what you need.

  • ​Planning
  • ​Feasibility Studies
  • ​Programming
  • ​Architecture
  • ​Interior Design
  • ​Cost Estimating
  • ​Scheduling
  • ​Construction Administration



Having experience with the process and procedures of developing a project and getting it built ensures a more efficient process.

By obtaining even small efficiencies in the process we can both avoid costly mistakes and misdirection. Even a small percentage of ​construction savings in the overall all process more than pays for our fees. Save time, save money, save sanity.

  • ​Construction Oversight
  • ​Financial Reporting
  • ​Progress Reporting
  • ​Quality Assurance
  • ​Change Order Review
  • ​Payment Request Review
  • ​General Contractor-Contract Format and Terms Review



Interior design of the finished space requires the soft touches of the artist in sync with the homeowner. The interior space reflects the intentions and passions while creating the finishing touches that ​integrate the space and architecture together. It involves choices in materials, colors and arrangements that bring harmony to the home.

Lighting, as well, has a great impact on the ultimate experience of an architectural space. Lighting design is often crucial to the health and productivity of a space, inspiring feelings of comfort and calm. It creates atmosphere and ​enhances the built environment. We seek elegant, sustainable solutions that are cost effective.

  • ​Artistic and dramatic lighting
  • ​Energy Conscious Design
  • ​Product Specification
  • ​Energy Compliance Review
  • ​Enjoyable design features
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