Fireproofing Your Home

Fireproofing is a big and multi-faceted subject. Can we even make a house fully fireproof?  Not completely. We can make it so fire resistant that it will not burn under certain circumstances.  With good planning and construction, we can make it almost impossible to burn. Good practice is to make sure we have made it difficult for a fire to …


What Services Do You Need?

Do you need help with early design concepts? Do you just need help getting permits? Here are many of the services architects can provide Site Analysis.  What are the pertinent features of the site?  Can it work for what you need?  What are the governmental restrictions and requirements if you build there? Where will you put the building, the parking …

Ground Zero1

Project Roles and Responsibilities

201TU Path Of Sun

Passive Heating & Cooling

(This image is taken from GreenBuildingAdvisor, artist Bruce Morser) We all know that the sun’s rays heat things up. We know heat rises. When you are designing a house you can take advantage of these features. Let the sun give you heat. Let natural air flow and shade keep you cool. When we design a new house or remodel an …


More than just an incandescent

An architect is always looking at buildings. A lighting designer is always looking at lighting. Here are some lighting ideas to brighten your life and bring inspiration!