Passive Heating & Cooling

201TU Path Of Sun

(This image is taken from GreenBuildingAdvisor, artist Bruce Morser)

We all know that the sun’s rays heat things up.
We know heat rises.

When you are designing a house you can take advantage of these features. Let the sun give you heat. Let natural air flow and shade keep you cool.

When we design a new house or remodel an existing house we take the time to design things to make your house more comfortable. We can help you minimize or avoid use of air conditioning. Reducing your energy costs but also keeping a natural flow and comfort, rather than spending money to pump artificially heated and cooled air in your house.

We have lots of tools available to us in doing this. We know the precise angle that the sun will shine at you for any hour of any day, in any season. We can shade a window from sun we don’t need in the hot summer when the sun is high in the sky, and we can let that low angle sun in the winter come in and heat up features in the house.

We can utilize the roof overhang, size and locate the windows and use materials that hold heat like tile, stucco and concrete.

By locating operable windows and vents we can take advantage of the prevailing breeze and natural convection currents in letting hot air out, and let that air flow suck cooler air in.

There are semi-active systems of storing heat or cooling a mass. We can use systems that enhance or minimally utilize energy to help cool air, store heat, etc. There are many natural systems and features we can take advantage of to make your house more comfortable and use less energy.

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