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First Steps

First steps

The whole idea of hiring an architect is to get the best. 

  • Get the design that works best for you. 
  • Get the construction drawings that help get the best features at the desired level of finish.
  • Get the most efficient use resources whiles still getting to your goals. 

With so much time, money and effort going into a new project, its silly to rush into things without getting an experienced guide to help you along the way.  ​We want to work with you to go through all the needs and options early in the process.  Let us design it right the first time. There are so many options in design, materials and execution, that these are almost limitless.

When you realize an overlooked option and make changes later it will cost you.  To make the change every one has to: Stop!   

Figure out the new item. 

How does it effect the associated work? 

How does it effect what has already been done and may need to be redesigned or even rebuilt?

So review things with us and don’t rush into things without professional design and discussions.

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