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Geoff Sheldon started architecture classes in High School at one of the only high schools in the country to offer architectural design. (School Without Walls, Rochester, NY)

He studied architecture in England and later received his degree at the University of Southern California. His focus was on design for utilization of solar and other natural design functions.

Sheldon went on to work for a developer of medical buildings and was involved with several high-end commercial design firms. He obtained his contractor’s license and ran a construction company for 10 years. After working for several architects desigining single family homes in Southern California, he obtained his own state license and became LEED Accredited by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC.) He has has been an independent architect since 2008 Geoff’s experience allows him to optimize architecture for natural, safe and efficient building systems and integrating them into a well-designed whole. His background as a contractor gives him the ability to recognize and understand cost and construction issues to make sure a project functions well and is the best use of construction dollars.

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Roxane Berger’s interest is in her clients’ day-to-day living and entertaining styles. She partners with you to create interior spaces that go far beyond the ordinary. 

We live in exciting times for lighting design. With new energy saving technologies we are able to design spaces to have different mood settings. Your rooms can do “double duty” – bright and conducive for working on a hobby or warm and inviting for conversations for socializing. Light is an element of art and we can employ it to enhance color, texture and form of architecture.

Roxane received her Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in painting from California State University Northridge where she is an adjunct professor, teaching lighting and interior design courses. She is a Certified Interior Designer who educates her clients through the process.

Her art background and expertise in lighting ensures that your project will look beautiful day or night. Roxane’s clients are able to select different mood and task settings via lighting design to accommodate their use of space.


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